PVC Aluminium and Wooden Door Hinges


PVC Wooden and Aluminium door Hinges Supplied and Fitted.

Door hinges rarely give trouble, they usually need to be re-adjusted, or re-aligned. If this does not solve the problem we can consider new hinges for your door, they comes in triplicate and all hinges need to be replaced, even if only on...

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Window Trickle Vent - Ventilation


Window Trickle Vents allow a small amount of air to pass from one side of the window to the other.

It *can help with condensation.
* doesnt always work.

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window and door hinges


Window hinges, friction stays.

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Broken Glass - Cracked Broken Windows replaced


We replace broken and cracked glass and broken windows. Even if one side of the double glazed unit is broken the whole pane must be replaced. and having one side of the panel broken will allow cold air a to enter your home, in turn costing you more in heating. we replace obscure glass (bathroom...

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Letterboxes Supplied and Fitted


A new letterbox can give your front door a new lease of life... also remember how much a letterbox can stop draughts and breezes entering your home, fitting a new letterbox not only look great but save you on heating too.

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uPVC Wooden and Aluminium Door Handles


uPVC Wooden and Aluminium Door Handles. Are your handles moving, rattling or sticking?.. getting old and tired looking? We can replace your door handles and give your door a new look. Why not also get a matching letterbox fitted to give it that well deserved facelift.

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uPVC and Wooden Window and Door Seals and Gaskets


Are your doors and windows draughty?.. breezes coming in your doors or windows? we can help seal up those draughts, make your home snug and warm again, cutting down on street noise and saving you money on heating bill too.....


Do you have condensation & Misted Foggy windows ?


Have your Double Glazed Units Failed? Do you have condensation or marks between the panes?. Lines or impossible to see through? We will replace the failed units giving you back your views and make your windows look new again.

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uPVC Window Hinges Repaired / Replaced


Are your windows getting it hard to close?..... Jamming closed or open?... Is there a gap when the window is closed? Then you probably need your PVC Window hinges replaced.

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uPVC Window Repairs

  • Window Hinges Replaced

    Window Hinges Replaced from as little as 30 per pair, supply and fit. There are various types of window hinges for use with plastic (uPVC) and Aluminium windows, such as side hung stays or top opening stays. Normally hinges need replacing if the window can’t be closed without a gap showing. this gap can be either at the top or to one side of the opener and it usually lets in a draught.
  • Window Handles Replaced

    uPVC Wooden and Aluminium Window Handles Replace, white, gold, chrome bronze, brown, we will supply and fit your handle for you.
  • Window Vents

    Do you have a problem with condensation?.. You might benefit from new vents fitted to your windows. All windows ca have vents fitted to help with condensation, if there is enough room from the top of the window to the window surround. *doesnt always work
  • Window Seals and Gaskets

    Do you have a draught or breeze coming into your home, winter heating bills costing you a fortune, ?have you said I would like to have my windows fixed and not let the cold in...? the give us a call and we will send someone to make your home snug and warm again
  • Window Realignment

    Is your window sticking or rubbing along the sides when you close it?.. if yes, then it needs to be readjusted. Your technician will realign the window and lubricate the handles hinges while hes at it to ensure your window s close smoothly.

Door Repairs

  • Door Seals and Gaskets

    Do you have a draught or breeze coming into your home, winter heating bills costing you a fortune, ?have you said I would like to have my windows fixed and not let the cold in...? the give us a call and we will send someone to make your home snug and warm again
  • Door Realignment

    Is your door jamming, sticking or seems like its fallen when you try to close it? then it may need realignment, call us today to discuss your door problems and we can find a solution which will work
  • Door Handles Replaced

    uPVC Aluminium and Wooden Door Handles Replaced. Is your door handle jamming, sticking or hard to move> sticky and jamming handles can be a real pain. call us today to discuss your new door handles, you might like to add a new letterbox to give your door a new lease of life.
  • Letterboxes Supplied and Fitted

    is your letterbox broken? letting in draughts? then call us today to have a new letterbox fitted, it will look better and keep some of that winter breeze and draughts out, saving you money on your heating bills
  • Door Hinges

    Door hinges rarely give trouble, they usually need to be re-adjusted, or re-aligned. If this does not solve the problem we can consider new hinges for your door, they comes in triplicate and all hinges need to be replaced, even if only one is gone.

Draught Seals and Gaskets

  • Draught Seals and Gaskets

    Prices range from 30 per window opening to 80 for pvc doors. call us to discuss your draught and breeze problems and together we will find a solution

uPVC Door Insert Panels (fits into your existing pvc door)

  • New Insert Door Panels

    For many the front door is just a door to enter the house, for most people it enhances the appearance. What's the first thing someone sees when they come to your home? Yes, the front door. Everyone must walk through it to enter your home. It's important to make sure it's sturdy and stylish. Replacing the front door can enhance For many the front door is just a door to enter the house, for most people it enhances the appearance, BUT why spend €1000's on new a new door when you can replace the PANEL fro a fraction of the cost. Our panels are strong study and have a 5 year warranty on anti fade. You can take a plain white panel for €300 supplied and fitted, or you can go all out and close from a black, grey, blue, green, red or woodgrain for €420 euro supplied and fitted, at a time that convenient for you,

Glass and Glazing

  • Single glazing

    Single glazing lets in light, that's about it, it has no insulation, sound insulation & little security. There are still many houses in Ireland where single glazing is still used. Its a fact that single glazing doesnt retain heat, it is no sufficient to ensure heat retention. We often get complaints from customers that they can have cold spots when standing close to the single glazed windows, they also complain of noise, many decide to upgrade to other glazing options. However, it is not always possible for conservation and listed homes etc, you may need secondary glazing here.
  • Double Glazing

    Double Glazed Units are created by placing two pieces of glass together with a spacer bar in between the glass. The further apart or the greater thickness between panes gives greater insulation. Spacer bar sizes range from 6mm to 20mm so when added to glass of 4mm thick, this can give a minimum sealed unit thickness of 14mm and a maximum thickness of 28mm.
  • Triple Glazing

    As with Double Glazed units Triple Glazed Units are made by placing three pieces of glass with a space in between. Triple glazed units have a better energy saving rating than double glazed units because there are now 3 pieces of glass for the cold to travel through before it gets into your home. Triple glazed units are almost 50% heavier in weight than a double glazed unit so this needs to be taken into consideration when ordering large windows.
  • Obscure Glass - Patterned Glass - Decorative Glass

    Obscure, Patterned glass, textured glass or decorative glass is glass with a regular pattern used for privacy and/or decoration. There are many different styles to chose from, just send us a photo and the size of the one you want and we can give you a quote online
  • Laminated Glass

    Laminated Glass is manufactured when two or more sheets of ordinary glass which are attached together by a plastic layer. In the event of breakage the broken glass will remain attached to the plastic reducing the risk of injury from shards.
  • Toughened Glass

    This looks like ordinary glass but receives a special heat treatment process to toughen it. It is much stronger than ordinary glass and on impact disintegrates into small granular pieces, which are not sharp, reducing the risk of injury. It is a legal requirement in Ireland on all door and windows on the ground floor
  • Leaded Glass

    Leaded Glass is most common lead light designs are rectangular/square and diamond shaped designs.
  • Coloured Glass

    You can chose from a large selection of coloured glasses, please send us the details and sizes and we will give you an online quote.

Vents & Ventilation

  • Window Vents

    Condensation a problem? Many homes in Ireland still do not have sufficient ventilation, this also goes for business and commercial properties too, Passive ventilation can be provided by using slot vents. However, there are motorised units for more problem areas or larger spaces.

Misted Foggy Glass - Condensation between the panes? Blown Units

  • Misted Foggy Glass - Condensation between the panes? Blown Units

    If you have misty, condensed or broken glass then please get in touch for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE. Are you fed up with foggy, misted and unattractive windows spoiling your view? Double glazed windows can suffer with foggy and misted windows which can take away from the look of your home..We can fix these annoying problems. Get in touch with us today and we will quickly replace the broken, misted or foggy unit.We can replace your blown, misted, broken down panes.


5 months ago
Thank you Andrew for a fantastic job, im delighted with the work done, house warm, snug and great value. Perfect job, thanks
- Samantha M
5 months ago
Friendly and reliable, competitive prices and job well done thank you Andrew
- kevin g
5 months ago
Highly recommended. Clean and professional job done..
- Helena S

PVC, Doors, Windows and Glass Repairs

Andrew: 083 344 7775


~**~Specialised window services: ~**~

Misted Sealed Units
Broken Glass
Misted/Foggy Double Glazing Replacement
Glazing – Double Glazing, Sliding Doors, Front Doors

Air Vents
Tilt / Turn Repairs
Leaks Cured
Draughty window seals – We can Fix those
Drafts Cured
Child Safety Restrictors

Specialised door services:


Cat Flaps
Patio Door Handles
Sliding Patio Door Tracks Replaced
Patio Rollers 

Timber Window Repairs
UPVC, Aluminium and Timber Doors Repaired or Adjusted
Broken Glass

Secure Broken Doors

Leaks and Drafts Cured

Other services we offer:

Doors and Windows Supplied and Fitted
Double and Triple Glaze replacement units supplied and fitted

Door and window painting (including garage doors)
Gaskets and Seals (& Resealing)
Door Panels replaced
Trickle Vents
Cat- & dog-flaps
Weather Drips
Door Restrictors

ALSO:Soffit and Fascia Replacements:

D'Best Soffit and Fascia replacement we believe that TOTAL REPLACEMENT is the best option for our customers, not "over cladding" - we only use high quality, maintenance free uPVC. Well maintained cladding, fascias and soffits are essential in terms of protecting your home and its roof from damage. If not properly maintained it could lead to time consuming and costly repairs, heat loss and an increasingly draughty house.  



Would you like a NEW Door, A Contemporary Look?

Are you looking at composite doors and fear you can never afford one? New modern PVC doors will cost you at least €1000.00, and that the most basic you will find, we will supply and fit for you one of these beautiful modern contemporary door PANELS fitted from as little as €350 and €500 for the composite SECURITY PANEL. (including, supply, delivery and fitting) Make your old door look like a stunning modern one for the fraction of the cost. 

We offer PANELS in White, Cream, Red, Blue, Green, Grey, Anthracite, Oak, Mahogany and Rosewood. Call us today and have that door looking like the new modern one you've been wanting in a matter of weeks.


D'Best Windows & Doors | Door & Window repair

My door won’t close without slamming it or it won't lock at all.

It may be that your door hinges have slipped a little, the mechanism may be damaged or worn.  If you do not perform yearly maintenance on your doors, such as oiling etc they may stop working and the mechanism breaks.  Contact Andrew today and he will have a look, he will repair what he can and failing that he will replace any worm or damaged parts.  Door and Window &Health and Safety Check from €50

I've noticed that the curtain in my sitting room window is moving, and i've also noticed the room is cold a lot, what can you do.

The window seals in your windows may be leaking and draughts coming in.  Give us a call at D'Best and we can replace the seals in your windows and keep you snug and warm. from €30 per window.

Ive just closed the window in the kitchen and the handle has come off in my hand.

Not only are broken handles creating a draught, they are also a security risk as well.  You need to ensure your home is safe. We can fit replacement broken handles in not time at all.  Handles replaced from €30 per opening.

It is becoming more and more difficult to close my bathroom window, it feels stiff to close and open

Windows and doors need regular maintenance, if you do not oil your hinges and mechanism regularly they risk becoming stiff and eventually break.  We can replace your hinges from as little as €30 per opening.

While sleeping most humans give rise to a lot of condensation as they breath, this is caused when you have a different temperature on the outside and inside, you can reduce your condensation by installing vents, but unfortunately there is little more which can be done on the windows, however, here are a few tips to reduce condensation:
  • Try to keep the inside temperature reasonably constant 
  • Avoid drying clothes indoors.
  • Do not dry clothes over any radiators
  • Ensure tumble driers are properly vented or the condensate is regularly emptied
  • Keep furniture away from walls
  • Do not disable extractor fans
  • Ensure extractor fans are well maintained and adequate

Andrew on 083 344 7775






D'Best Door & Window Repairs and Parts bring you WINTER DIY TIPS. 

Time to get out and get those last minute DIY jobs done, the winter is about to creep in and you'll be too cosy on the couch to tackle these jobs in the bitter cold. Make yourself a cuppa and take a seat; we have some money saving hints and tips for you.

The insulation in the attic is fluffed up to 300mm, the boiler has been tuned to sing like a siren, and every dastardly draft has been tailored, stuffed and sealed — but what about outside the envelope of your house?


This is a job for an expert, or if you chose to scale your roof, make sure to use proper ladders and use soft gripping shoes, but I would not advise anyone to do this, the cost of an expert to scale the roof for you and check it is minimal. You can often see the majority of the roof from the ground, or with binoculars, if your lucky enough to have a drone, then send it on up there.

Look at the tiles/slates, flashing and keep an eye for moss and algae, algae will damage brick and plaster work (The Red Algae Doctor can treat this), this can damage your tiles/slates and be expensive to repair. Moss can also cause your tiles to lift and even dislodge, turning them into missiles in the winter winds.

Next, check the gutters, soffit and fascia, damage to these can be expensive and DONT place your ladders over them or they will break, check for leaks, cracks and damage, water running down your walls from leaks or water running will cause algae (The Red Algae Doctor can treat this), if you have cracks or broken guttering, time is of the essence, make sure to get them replaced D'Best Door & Window Repairs / Replacement - Soffit & Fascia 086 2131133 will replace your soffit and guttering)

Check the fascia, see if it is away from the backing boards, if this occurs this leaves room for small animals, rats, birds etc to get intot your attic and damage it, (WoodEver Carpentry and Joinery - Gates - Fences and Furniture can replace all of your wooden backing boards and D'Best Door & Window Repairs / Replacement - Soffit & Fascia 086 2131133can replace all of your other soffit, gutter and fascias)


NEVER lean a ladder against plastic guttering or any downpipe. PVC-U is relatively brittle and certainly an unsafe support.

Cleaning your gutters not only ensures that water gets off the roof and down to the drains efficiently — it cleans out the expansion gap of mouldy silt which can clog, and push the sections of gutter apart. This is a two person job — one on the ground to steady and foot the ladder, the other to lift the rubbish out of the gutter using something like a plastic (never metal) gardening trowel. (D'Best Door & Window Repairs / Replacement - Soffit & Fascia 086 2131133)

A bucket suspended from an ‘S’ hook from the top rung is ideal. Don’t lean out while you work, and don’t mount the top two rungs of the ladder. Wet down clinging muck rather than gouging at it. Once you have finished one run of gutter, flush out the downpipes with water. Use a hand mirror to check behind downpipes for cracks.

One thing that SOFT washers are excellent for, is cleaning paths of slimy moss, lichen and algae. (The Red Algae Doctor) THIS IS ESPECIALLY IN SHADED OR NOTHE FACING YARDS HOUSES WALLS ETC...

If soil and debris is piled up around the base of your house, wet can also splash up, by-passing the DPC. Check for any areas where soil may have raised ground level against the house.

If you see any significant cracks in the exterior walls, even slender ones that appear to be migrating, and significant loss to any pointing, have a chartered engineer check these issues out. Most will be minor settling cracks and easily sorted.

In Conjunction with WoodEver Carpentry and Joinery - Gates - Fences and Furniture
D'Best Door & Window Repairs / Replacement - Soffit & Fascia 086 2131133

Telephone: Andrew on 0862131133

Email: dbest@repairman.com

Web: https://dbest49.wixsite.com/dbest-doors-windows

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